Path of Power


The exhibition brings together photographs, paintings and a video of a trip to the historic Caminho do Ouro in Brazil, made by Vaz in 2016, in the context of the project Caminho do Ouro. This project was an articulated set of research and artistic production, with the experience of the so-called Caminho Velho or Estrada Real as its central objective. At the base of the reconnaissance of the terrain was the objective of documenting the nature that was not yet devastated and, therefore, close to that seen by bandeirantes, slaves and muleteers, among others, throughout the, 18th and 19th centuries.On the other hand, the research enunciated a profile that was repeated along the way: the intertwining between the strength and dimension of the natural landscape and the human power and influence, seeing how nature goes from being inevitably sovereign to being submissive, under the agility of man.

Project exhibitions: Path of Power, Enrique Guerrero Gallery, Mexico City, MX., Trilha do Facão (Kubikgallery, Oporto, PT, 2017), Imaginação da Pedra (Consulate of Portugal in São Paulo, São Paulo, 2017), Cabana (Secs Itaquera, São Paulo, BR, 2018), Depois do choque, os trópicos, (Luísa Strina Gallery, São Paulo, BR, 2018), A natureza do deslumbre, [Para] Sites, (Espuma dos dias, Lisboa, PT, 2021).
Expedition: Historic Gold Trail between Paraty and Ouro Preto, Br. 2016.

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